Image description
Image description

This is the most common type of printing for basic designs like text or logos for company shirts, sports teams or bands. They are usually 1 to 3 colors per location with solid areas of color.   

Some of Our Standard ink colors:            

Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Orange, Yellow, Tan, Brown, Purple, Maroon, Navy, Hunter Green, Athletic Gold

 Spot Color with Halftones (Simulated Process Prints)
This process uses special spot colors to produce artwork with gradients or very complicated photo images. Halftones are areas of the design that is made up of small dots of ink to give the illusion of fades or shadows. Unlike 4 Color Process Printing, Simulated Process Printing allows printing on dark colored garments.

Full Color Printing
This process uses a special printer.  Direct to Garment printing is fast becoming an industry standard for producing full color apparel without all the set up and screen fees.  This process is used to be able to provide small quantity, high quality apparel.  This process also allows for photorealistic printing on not only light, but dark color garments.  One or a couple dozen shirts, it can all be done.


 Other useful Information

Maximum Screen Print Sizes
Our max print size is 12.75 inches wide by 16 inches tall. Some garments like women's tank tops have a much smaller print area. Keep this in mind when setting up your order. There maybe additional fees If you want the design resized for smaller garments.

Screen Print Sizes
Base unisex adult shirts: 12.75" x 16"
Women's and youth shirts: 10" x 14"
Women's tank tops and toddler shirts: 9" x 12"
Infant shirts: 5" x 8"
Long sleeve prints: 3.5" x 14"
Short sleeve prints: 3.5 x 4