Vehicle Graphics                                       

Everyday you travel down the road and see thousands of images...those images are on vehicles and those vehicles are driven by business owners like yourself that knew the importance of--ADVERTISING!  By putting your name, your company information, your logos on your vehicles you have created what is referred to as the "traveling billboard"  Iroquois Print knows the importance of vehicle graphics to the business owners.  We will help you in designing the best layout that will prove to "drive" business to  your door. 


Vinyl graphics are the most widely used materials for vehicle graphics.  One color, two...three or more are used to create your logos and messages.  We use only the best in materials.  Don't be fooled by the "cheaper" price of other companies as you will be getting the "cheaper" product.  The vinyl's we use are made for outdoor and rated to last 10+ years.  Vinyl graphics are not just for your vehicle.  Widely used, vinyl is also an effective window, door product.  Vinyl can be applied to just about anything giving you flexibility to advertise all over.

Not Business...Just Personal!


Fast becoming the "decorating tool" of designers every where, vinyl has found it's place in the home.  Used not only for cute, inspirational sayings on your walls, but now you can get your kids, pets, "big boy" toys on the walls....Iroquois Print is the home of "Wallies"  Take that favorite photo and make it into a "Wallie" for the kids room, front room, and the "man cave!"  To learn more, give us a call.


Fleet and Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps creates high quality, high resolution car, truck and fleet wraps. With a car wrap, you can maximize the area your advertising reaches by making it move. Our vehicle wraps are cost effective and can provide your business with a new look. Traditional advertising methods would suggest the more money you spend, the more advertising you will receive; but with a moving vehicle wrap, you only have to pay a one-time fee to advertise and be seen by a whole city! Vehicle wraps allow you to control who and where your wrap will be seen. The more you drive, the more exposure you business will get                           


Cost Effective                                        

When purchasing a car, truck or RV wrap for you or your business, it comes down to one thing: how much do you want your business to be seen? With our in house graphic design, we make low, competitive prices and stay within your budget to get your new vehicle or fleet wrap on the street. A study from the American Trucking Association says that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. By investing in a vehicle wrap, you are widening the area of impact of your advertising 3-fold. Vehicle Wraps allow your company to advertise safely, without increasing your spending.

Brand Recognition                  

The auto wrap has a great impact on the way both small and large companies market themselves. When you see a car wrap or a bus wrap, you take notice. These graphics deliver sizzling results that generate striking impressions and build brand recognition.

Graphs showing the comparison of advertising cost.

The Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) research puts meaningful numbers behind what consumers have been saying for years:

  • 91% of all people notice the words and pictures on trucks
  • 75% develop an impression about the company and its products/services
  • 29% would make a buying decision based on the impression they got from the vehicle.
  • 96% of people surveyed said fleet graphics have more impact than billboards

Using sophisticated new research technology, the TAB has developed an accurate way to measure the effectiveness of fleet graphics. For the first time, truck advertising impressions and cost can be pinpointed just as reliably as print and broadcast media.

Get your business noticed with our vehicle wraps. Vehicle Wraps are the most cost-effective way to promote your business. Initially the cost seems high, but divide the price over 365 days a year and you might be surprised at just how affordable a full color, "in your face" traveling billboard vehicle wrap is!